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My name is Laura and I'm a 19-year-old girl from Finland. My blog is a concoction of fashion editorials and street snaps, big mainstream fandoms that mostly revolve around white cis hetero men & a bunch of people that I find attractive.

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Heihoi, koska olen kärsimätön ja olit hurjan kiva hemmo… Fanfestissä Speed Datingissä juttelin Iida(?) nimisen tyypin kanssa ja haluan epätoivoisesti löytää saman tyypin ja jatkaa jutustelua joten jos muistat että juttelit Ronja nimisen Rohkelikon kanssa niin herraisä, heitä viestiä ja äkkiä! 


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I’m selling most of my hime stuff and also other things and I thought that some of my followers might be interested.

I’m going to post the link on tumblr as soon as I get the post done!

I would greatly appreciate signal boosting :)

Anonymous Asked:
Where are you? I miss you and love you :<

My answer:

heeeey sorry for not making an announcement of any kind but i’ve kind of stopped using this account entirely so… yeah, if you still want to follow me you can message me off anon and i can give you my new url privately. :3

game of thrones character per season:
↳ Melisandre (Season 3)

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oh my god???


CR Fashion Book: 1 Girl, 1 Bag, 7 Looks, Photography by Max von Gumppenberg and Patrick Bienert.

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